The Perkins Produce Project

Perkins Produce Perkins Produce started out as a structure for my home layout.  The idea came from an article by Earl Smallshaw called the Perkins Produce Project.
Model Railroader Magazine December 1974 Page 54
Perkins Produce turned into a labor of love and became a diorama, winning Best in Show at the 1993 Sunshine Region NMRA Convention.  The picture at the left is of the diorama itself.  My good friend, Tom Grozan, showed me how to "grow" the beautiful trees.
Perkins 2 My model, unlike the article, has a full interior.  The interior consists of three floors.  The top floor, the main floor, and the basement.  I used a number of different suppliers for the detail parts but many of them were scratchbuilt.  Here you see a picture of the top floor with the roof removed.
Perkins 3 Here is a picture of the main floor.
Perkins 4 Here is a picture of the basement.  The main floor lifts out so that the basement detail can be viewed.  The foundation stonework was hand carved from sections of Hydrocal that were made using a mold of a retaining wall.  The roof shingles were made my cutting construction paper with a pinking shears.